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On a quest to capture every memory of the year.

About our Program

Our nationally recognized, award-winning yearbook program helps student journalists to develop career-applicable media skills. Students learn to take stunning photos using industry-standard camera equipment, design using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, hone their writing skills, and practice salesmanship, time management, and leadership through the creation of the yearbook.

Frequent Questions

You can buy a yearbook at this link, and a senior baby ad at this link.

You can see the yearbook order list at this link, and the baby ad order list at this link.

Right now, it can be purchased for $104.99 through the Jostens Webstore.

Unlike posts on your social media feed, your yearbook will never disappear! This lasting record of your time at DP can help you to remember your fun and fantastic high school years, including events, sports, clubs, art, your classmates, and so much more!

The DPMedia program provides students with a valuable, hands-on learning experience complete with industry-standard tools and equipment to support their growth as journalists. Click here to support travel to journalism conventions, purchasing of the latest technology, and the continued production of our yearbook by making a donation to our program.